Visualization Library v1.0.3

A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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You can review the

changelog here.

Remember to set the VL_DATA_PATH environment variable to the directory containing the sample data in order to run the demos and tests included in VL.

Run the tests using any supported backend plus the test number as the first argument. The list of tests can be printed using 0, ex: vlWin32_tests 0.


Visualization Library v1.0.2 (.tgz)

Visualization Library v1.0.2 (.zip)

All releases:

GitHub Repository

VL official repo is

Clone VL repo:

git clone

Download VL master branch source as a zip file here:

Compiling Visualization Library

Visualization Library uses CMake as its building system and can target several environments and compilers. At the moment we officially support the following platforms:

More information at Compiling and Installing VL.

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