Visualization Library v1.0.3

A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
vl::A3DSLoaderLoads an Autodesk 3DS file and generates a vector of A3DSObject and A3DSMaterial objects
vl::A3DSMaterialMaterial in a 3DS file
vl::A3DSMaterialFaceMappingMaterial/face mapping in a 3DS file
vl::A3DSObjectObject in a 3DS file
vl::A3DSTextureTexture in a 3DS file
vl::A3DSTriFaceTriangle in a 3DS file
vl::A3DSVertexVertex in a 3DS file
vl::AABBImplements an axis-aligned bounding box using vl::real precision
vl::ActorAssociates a Renderable object to an Effect and Transform
vl::ActorCollectionDefined as a simple subclass of Collection<Actor>, see Collection for more information
vl::ActorEventCallbackDefines a callback object to react to Actor-related events
vl::ActorKdTreeActorKdTree class extends the ActorTreeAbstract class implementing a space partitioning scheme based on a Kd-Tree
vl::ActorTreeImplements a generic tree whose nodes contain Actor[s]
vl::ActorTreeAbstractImplements the interface of a generic tree containing Actor[s] in its nodes
vl::AlphaFuncRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glAlphaFunc(), see also for more information
vl::AppletUtilitly UIEventListener that features a ghost manipulator, trackball manipulator, an FPS counter and a simple rendering pipeline
vl::Array< T_VectorType, T_Scalar, T_GL_Size, T_GL_Type >The Array class is a template array used to conveniently manipulate data stored in a BufferObject
vl::ArrayAbstractDefines an abstract interface to conveniently manipulate data stored in a BufferObject
vl::ArrayByte1An array of GLbyte
vl::ArrayByte2An array of vl::bvec2
vl::ArrayByte3An array of vl::bvec3
vl::ArrayByte4An array of vl::bvec4
vl::ArrayDouble1An array of GLdouble
vl::ArrayDouble2An array of vl::dvec2
vl::ArrayDouble3An array of vl::dvec3
vl::ArrayDouble4An array of vl::dvec4
vl::ArrayFixed1An array of GL_FIXED
vl::ArrayFixed2An array 2d GL_FIXED vectors
vl::ArrayFixed3An array 3d GL_FIXED vectors
vl::ArrayFixed4An array 4d GL_FIXED vectors
vl::ArrayFloat1An array of GLfloat
vl::ArrayFloat2An array of vl::fvec2
vl::ArrayFloat3An array of vl::fvec3
vl::ArrayFloat4An array of vl::fvec4
vl::ArrayHFloat1An array of GL_HALF_FLOAT
vl::ArrayHFloat2A 2d array of GL_HALF_FLOAT vectors
vl::ArrayHFloat3A 3d array of GL_HALF_FLOAT vectors
vl::ArrayHFloat4A 4d array of GL_HALF_FLOAT vectors
vl::ArrayInt1An array of GLint
vl::ArrayInt2An array of vl::ivec2
vl::ArrayInt3An array of vl::ivec3
vl::ArrayInt4An array of vl::ivec4
vl::ArrayInt_2_10_10_10_REV1An array of GL_INT_2_10_10_10_REV
vl::ArrayInt_2_10_10_10_REV2A 2d array of GL_INT_2_10_10_10_REV vectors
vl::ArrayInt_2_10_10_10_REV3A 3d array of GL_INT_2_10_10_10_REV vectors
vl::ArrayInt_2_10_10_10_REV4A 4d array of GL_INT_2_10_10_10_REV vectors
vl::ArrayShort1An array of GLshort
vl::ArrayShort2An array of vl::svec2
vl::ArrayShort3An array of vl::svec3
vl::ArrayShort4An array of vl::svec4
vl::ArrayUByte1An array of GLubyte
vl::ArrayUByte2An array of vl::ubvec2
vl::ArrayUByte3An array of vl::ubvec3
vl::ArrayUByte4An array of vl::ubvec4
vl::ArrayUInt1An array of GLuint
vl::ArrayUInt2An array of vl::uvec2
vl::ArrayUInt3An array of vl::uvec3
vl::ArrayUInt4An array of vl::uvec4
vl::ArrayUInt_2_10_10_10_REV1An array of GL_UNSIGNED_INT_2_10_10_10_REV
vl::ArrayUInt_2_10_10_10_REV2A 2d array of GL_UNSIGNED_INT_2_10_10_10_REV vectors
vl::ArrayUInt_2_10_10_10_REV3A 3d array of GL_UNSIGNED_INT_2_10_10_10_REV vectors
vl::ArrayUInt_2_10_10_10_REV4A 4d array of GL_UNSIGNED_INT_2_10_10_10_REV vectors
vl::ArrayUShort1An array of GLushort
vl::ArrayUShort2An array of vl::usvec2
vl::ArrayUShort3An array of vl::usvec3
vl::ArrayUShort4An array of vl::usvec4
vl::AtomAtom to be used with the Molecule class
vl::AtomInfoEncapsulates information regarding an atom type
vl::AttribInfoStructure containing all the info regarding an active vertex attribute, see also GLSLProgram::activeAttribs()
vl::BezierPatchDefines one or more concatenated bicubic Bézier patches to be used with the BezierSurface class
vl::BezierSurfaceImplements a Geometry that is capable of visualizing multiple bicubic Bézier patches (see BezierPatch)
vl::BillboardA Transform that aligns an Actor towards the camera
vl::BlendColorRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glBlendColor(), see also for more information
vl::BlendEquationRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glBlendEquation()/glBlendEquationSeparate(), see also and for more information
vl::BlendFuncRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glBlendFunc(), see also for more information
vl::BlitFramebufferA RenderEventCallback that can be used to copy pixels from a framebuffer to another as described in GL_EXT_framebuffer_blit
vl::BondBond to be used with the Molecule class
vl::BufferImplements a buffer whose storage is in local memory
vl::BufferedStream< Element_Type, Chunk_Size >The BufferedStream class is a template class that that performs a buffered read of Element_Type data from a VirtualFile
vl::BufferObjectBuffer that can upload its data on the GPU memory
vl::CameraRepresents a virtual camera defining, among other things, the point of view from which scenes can be rendered
vl::CatmullRomInterpolator< T >The LinearInterpolator class is a template class that implements Catmull-Rom spline interpolation
vl::CatmullRomInterpolatorDoubleInterpolates double values using a CatmullRomInterpolator
vl::CatmullRomInterpolatorDVec2Interpolates dvec2 values using a CatmullRomInterpolator
vl::CatmullRomInterpolatorDVec3Interpolates dvec3 values using a CatmullRomInterpolator
vl::CatmullRomInterpolatorDVec4Interpolates dvec4 values using a CatmullRomInterpolator
vl::CatmullRomInterpolatorFloatInterpolates float values using a CatmullRomInterpolator
vl::CatmullRomInterpolatorFVec2Interpolates fvec2 values using a CatmullRomInterpolator
vl::CatmullRomInterpolatorFVec3Interpolates fvec3 values using a CatmullRomInterpolator
vl::CatmullRomInterpolatorFVec4Interpolates fvec4 values using a CatmullRomInterpolator
vl::ClearRenderable used to clear the whole or a portion of the color, stencil or depth buffer
vl::ClipPlaneWraps the OpenGL function glClipPlane()
vl::Collection< T >Reference counted container that encapsulates the base functionalites of an std::vector<>
vl::ColorRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glColor(), see also for more information
vl::ColorMaskRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glColorMask(), see also for more information
vl::CopyTexSubImageWrapper class of the OpenGL function glCopyTexSubImage
vl::CopyTexSubImage1DWraps glCopyTexSubImage1D, see also CopyTexSubImage
vl::CopyTexSubImage2DWraps glCopyTexSubImage2D, see also CopyTexSubImage. To be used also for 1D array textures
vl::CopyTexSubImage3DWraps glCopyTexSubImage3D, see also CopyTexSubImage. To be used also for 2D array textures
vl::CRC32CheckSumComputes the a CRC32 checksum of a given buffer or VirtualFile
vl::CullFaceRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glCullFace(), see also for more information
vl::Dae::ColorOrTextureCOLLADA color or texture input
vl::Dae::EffectCOLLADA effect
vl::Dae::InputCOLLADA input stream
vl::Dae::MaterialCOLLADA material
vl::Dae::MeshCOLLADA mesh
vl::Dae::NewParamCOLLADA newparam
vl::Dae::NodeCOLLADA node
vl::Dae::PrimitiveCOLLADA primitive
vl::Dae::Sampler2DCOLLADA sampler2D
vl::Dae::SourceCOLLADA data source
vl::Dae::SurfaceCOLLADA surface
vl::Dae::TechniqueCOMMONCOLLADA common technique
vl::Dae::VertCOLLADA vertex
vl::DaeLoaderCOLLADA loader
vl::degreeSimple class representing quantities in degrees, converts automatically to vl::radian and real
vl::DepthFuncRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glDepthFunc(), see also for more information
vl::DepthMaskRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glDepthMask(), see also for more information
vl::DepthRangeRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glDepthRange(), see also for more information
vl::DepthSortCallbackDepthSortCallback sorts the primitives of the Geometry bound to the Actor in which the callback is installed
vl::DiskDirectoryA VirtualDirectory that operates on reguar disk directories
vl::DiskFileA VirtualFile that operates on regular disk files
vl::DistanceLODEvaluatorA LODEvaluator that computes the appropriate LOD based on the distance of an Actor from the Camera
vl::DoubleVertexRemoverRemoves from a Geometry the vertices with the same attributes
vl::DrawArraysWraps the OpenGL function glDrawArrays()
vl::DrawCallThe base class of DrawArrays, DrawElements, MultiDrawElements and DrawRangeElements
vl::DrawElements< arr_type >Wrapper for the OpenGL function glDrawElements()
vl::DrawElementsBaseBase interface for all DrawElements* sub classes
vl::DrawElementsUByteSee DrawElements
vl::DrawElementsUIntSee DrawElements
vl::DrawElementsUShortSee DrawElements
vl::DrawPixelsWraps the OpenGL function glDrawPixels()
vl::DrawPixels::PixelsRepresents a bitmap to be drawn on the screen
vl::DrawRangeElements< arr_type >Wrapper for the OpenGL function glDrawRangeElements()
vl::DrawRangeElementsBaseBase interface for all DrawRangeElements* sub classes
vl::DrawRangeElementsUByteSee DrawRangeElements
vl::DrawRangeElementsUIntSee DrawRangeElements
vl::DrawRangeElementsUShortSee DrawRangeElements
vl::EdgeExtractorExtracts the edges from one or more Geometry objects
vl::EdgeExtractor::EdgeA single edge as extracted from the EdgeExtractor class
vl::EdgeRendererImplements a special Renderer that automatically extracts and renders the edges of the objects in the scene
vl::EdgeUpdateCallbackUpdates at every frame the edges of an Actor for the purpose of edge-enhancement
vl::EffectDefines the sequence of Shader objects used to render an Actor
vl::EnableSetA set of enables managed by Shader
vl::ExtrusionGenerates a Geometry extruding a silhouette along a path
vl::FBOAbstractAttachmentAbstract class that represents a framebuffer object attachment to be used with FramebufferObject
vl::FBOAbstractTextureAttachmentBase class for all the framebuffer texture attachments (see also FramebufferObject)
vl::FBOColorBufferAttachmentA color renderbuffer to be attached to a FramebufferObject
vl::FBODepthBufferAttachmentA depth renderbuffer to be attached to a FramebufferObject
vl::FBODepthStencilBufferAttachmentA depth+stencil renderbuffer to be attached to a FramebufferObject
vl::FBORenderbufferAttachmentAbstract class that represents a framebuffer renderbuffer attachment, that is, a non-texture fbo attachment (wraps glFramebufferRenderbuffer())
vl::FBOStencilBufferAttachmentA stencil renderbuffer to be attached to a FramebufferObject
vl::FBOTexture1DAttachmentA 1D texture renderbuffer to be attached to a FramebufferObject (wraps glFramebufferTexture1D())
vl::FBOTexture2DAttachmentA 2D texture renderbuffer to be attached to a FramebufferObject (wraps glFramebufferTexture2D())
vl::FBOTexture3DAttachmentA 3D texture renderbuffer to be attached to a FramebufferObject (wraps glFramebufferTexture3D())
vl::FBOTextureAttachmentA texture renderbuffer to be attached to a FramebufferObject (wraps glFramebufferTexture())
vl::FBOTextureLayerAttachmentA texture layer renderbuffer to be attached to a FramebufferObject (wraps glFramebufferTextureLayer())
vl::FileSystemManages multiple VirtualDirectory objects
vl::Flags< T_FlagEnum >Simple class to manage flags in a type safe manner
vl::FlatManipulatorThis class lets you pan (translate) and zoom a 2D scene using the mouse
vl::FogRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glFog(), see also for more information
vl::FontA font to be used with a Text renderable
vl::FontManagerKeeps a map associating a font path, size and smoothing flag to a Font object
vl::FramebufferDefines an abstract 'surface' where OpenGL can render into
vl::FramebufferObjectImplements a framebuffer object to be used as a rendering target as specified by the ARB_framebuffer_object extension
vl::FrontFaceRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glFrontFace(), see also for more information
vl::FrustumA set of planes defining a frustum used for culling purposes (frustum culling)
vl::GeometryRenderable that implements a polygonal mesh made of polygons, lines and points
vl::GeometryLoadCallbackDefines a set of actions to be executed to a Geometry as soon as it is loaded
vl::GhostCameraManipulatorUIEventListener that controls the position and orientation of a Camera
vl::GlobalSettingsGlobal application settings controlling how Visualization Library behaves
vl::GLSLFragmentShaderWraps a GLSL fragment shader to be bound to a GLSLProgram: the shader this shader will run on the programmable fragment processor
vl::GLSLGeometryShaderWraps a GLSL geometry shader to be bound to a GLSLProgram: the shader this shader will run on the programmable geometry processor
vl::GLSLProgramWraps a GLSL program to which you can bind vertex, fragment and geometry shaders
vl::GLSLShaderFor internal use only
vl::GLSLTessControlShaderWraps a GLSL tessellation control shader to be bound to a GLSLProgram: the shader this shader will run on the programmable tessellation processor in the control stage
vl::GLSLTessEvaluationShaderWraps a GLSL tessellation evaluation shader to be bound to a GLSLProgram: this shader will run on the programmable tessellation processor in the evaluation stage
vl::GLSLVertexShaderWraps a GLSL vertex shader to be bound to a GLSLProgram: the shader this shader will run on the programmable vertex processor
vl::GlyphThe Glyph associated to a character of a given Font
vl::GZipCodecVirtualFile that transparently encodes and decodes a stream of data using the GZip compression algorithm
vl::halfRepresents an half-precision floating point value
vl::HintRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glHint(), see also for more information
vl::ImageImplements a generic 1d, 2d, 3d and cubemap image that can have mipmaps
vl::ImagePBORepresents a vl::Image with an associated Pixel Buffer Object
vl::IMutexAn interface to implement simple platform-independent mutexes used to protect critical sections
vl::IndexIteratorWraps a IndexIteratorAbstract to iterate over the indices of a DrawCall
vl::IndexIteratorAbstractAbstract class used as base for all the index iterators specializations
vl::IndexIteratorDrawArraysIndex iterator operating used by DrawArrays
vl::IndexIteratorElements< TArray >Index iterator operating over DrawElements, DrawRangeElements and MultiDrawElements
vl::InterpolatorAbstract class for all the interpolators
vl::InterpolatorDoubleAbstract class that interpolates double values
vl::InterpolatorDVec2Abstract class that interpolates vl::dvec2 values
vl::InterpolatorDVec3Abstract class that interpolates vl::dvec3 values
vl::InterpolatorDVec4Abstract class that interpolates vl::dvec4 values
vl::InterpolatorFloatAbstract class that interpolates float values
vl::InterpolatorFVec2Abstract class that interpolates vl::fvec2 values
vl::InterpolatorFVec3Abstract class that interpolates vl::fvec3 values
vl::InterpolatorFVec4Abstract class that interpolates vl::fvec4 values
vl::IVertexAttribSetAbstract interface to manipulate OpenGL's vertex attribute arrays
vl::KeyValuesA set of key/value pairs usually used to associate generic information, tags, attributes etc. to another class
vl::LightWraps the OpenGL function glLight()
vl::LightModelRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glLightModel(), see also for more information
vl::LinearInterpolator< T >The LinearInterpolator class is a template class that implements linear interpolation
vl::LinearInterpolatorDoubleInterpolates double values using a LinearInterpolator
vl::LinearInterpolatorDVec2Interpolates dvec2 values using a LinearInterpolator
vl::LinearInterpolatorDVec3Interpolates dvec3 values using a LinearInterpolator
vl::LinearInterpolatorDVec4Interpolates dvec4 values using a LinearInterpolator
vl::LinearInterpolatorFloatInterpolates float values using a LinearInterpolator
vl::LinearInterpolatorFVec2Interpolates fvec2 values using a LinearInterpolator
vl::LinearInterpolatorFVec3Interpolates fvec3 values using a LinearInterpolator
vl::LinearInterpolatorFVec4Interpolates fvec4 values using a LinearInterpolator
vl::LineStippleRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glLineStipple(), see also for more information
vl::LineWidthRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glLineWidth(), see also for more information
vl::LoadCallbackDefines an operation to be exectued to a ResourceDatabase as soon as its loaded, see also LoadWriterManager, WriteCallback
vl::LoadWriter3DSResourceLoadWriter capable of reading 3DS files
vl::LoadWriterAC3DResourceLoadWriter capable of reading AC3D files
vl::LoadWriterBMPResourceLoadWriter capable of reading BMP files
vl::LoadWriterDaeResourceLoadWriter capable of reading COLLADA files
vl::LoadWriterDae::LoadOptionsLoading options used by LoadWriterDae and DaeLoader
vl::LoadWriterDATResourceLoadWriter capable of reading DAT files
vl::LoadWriterDDSResourceLoadWriter capable of reading DDS files
vl::LoadWriterDICOMResourceLoadWriter capable of reading DICOM files (.dcm, .dicom, .dic, .ima, .ph, .mag) using GDCM 2.0 library
vl::LoadWriterJPGResourceLoadWriter capable of reading JPG files
vl::LoadWriterManagerLoads and writes resources using the registered ResourceLoadWriter objects
vl::LoadWriterMD2ResourceLoadWriter capable of reading MD2 files
vl::LoadWriterOBJResourceLoadWriter capable of reading OBJ files
vl::LoadWriterPLYResourceLoadWriter capable of reading PLY files
vl::LoadWriterPNGResourceLoadWriter capable of reading PNG files
vl::LoadWriterSTLResourceLoadWriter capable of reading STL files
vl::LoadWriterTGAResourceLoadWriter capable of reading TGA files
vl::LoadWriterTIFFResourceLoadWriter capable of reading TIFF files
vl::LoadWriterVLXA ResourceLoadWriter capable of reading Visualization Library's VLT and VLB files
vl::LODEvaluatorAbstract class to compute the appropriate LOD of an Actor or Effect
vl::LogUtility class to generate logs
vl::LogicOpRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glLogicOp(), see also for more information
vl::MarchingCubesAn efficient implementation of the Marching Cubes algorithm
vl::MaterialRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glMaterial() and glColorMaterial(), see also and for more information
vl::Matrix2< T_Scalar >The Matrix2 class is a template class that implements a generic 2x2 matrix, see also vl::dmat2, vl::fmat2, vl::umat2, vl::imat2
vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >The Matrix3 class is a template class that implements a generic 3x3 matrix, see also vl::dmat3, vl::fmat3, vl::umat3, vl::imat3
vl::Matrix4< T_Scalar >The Matrix4 class is a template class that implements a generic 4x4 matrix, see also vl::dmat4, vl::fmat4, vl::umat4, vl::imat4
vl::MD5CheckSumComputes the MD5 of a given buffer or VirtualFile
vl::MemoryDirectoryA VirtualDirectory to manipulate directories stored in memory
vl::MemoryFileA VirtualFile to manipulate files stored in memory
vl::MoleculeUsed to manage and render 3D molecular structures
vl::MorphingCallbackImplements a simple morphing animation mechanism using the GPU acceleration where available
vl::MultiDrawElements< arr_type >Wrapper for the OpenGL function glMultiDrawElements()
vl::MultiDrawElementsBaseBase interface for all MultiDrawElements* sub classes
vl::MultiDrawElementsUByteSee MultiDrawElements
vl::MultiDrawElementsUIntSee MultiDrawElements
vl::MultiDrawElementsUShortSee MultiDrawElements
vl::NaryQuickMap< KeyType, ValueType, MaxMapType >Simple map used to add, remove, iterate, clear elements efficiently (all O(1))
vl::NormalRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glNormal(), see also for more information
vl::ObjectThe base class for all the reference counted objects
vl::ObjLoaderLoads a Wavefront OBJ file
vl::ObjMaterialRepresents a Wavefront OBJ material as loaded from an MTL file. See also ObjLoader
vl::ObjMeshRepresents a Wavefront OBJ mesh. See also ObjLoader
vl::ObjTextureRepresents a Wavefront OBJ texture. See also ObjMaterial and ObjLoader
vl::OcclusionCullRendererWraps a Renderer performing occlusion culling acceleration
vl::OpenGLContextRepresents an OpenGL context, possibly a widget or a pbuffer, which can also respond to keyboard, mouse or system events
vl::OpenGLContextFormatEncapsulates the settings of an OpenGL rendering context
vl::PatchParameterWrapper of glPatchParameter(), specifies the parameters for patch primitives, used by vl::DrawCall::setPatchParameter()
vl::PixelLODEvaluatorA LODEvaluator that computes the appropriate LOD based on the approximate 2d area that an Actor covers on the screen
vl::PixelTransferRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glPixelTransfer(), see also for more information
vl::PlaneDefines a plane using a normal and an origin
vl::PlyLoaderLoads a PLY file
vl::PlyLoader::PlyElementUsed by PlyLoader
vl::PlyLoader::PlyPropertyAbstractUsed by PlyLoader
vl::PlyLoader::PlyScalarUsed by PlyLoader
vl::PlyLoader::PlyScalarListUsed by PlyLoader
vl::PointParameterRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glPointParameter(), see also for more information
vl::PointSizeRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glPointSize(), see also for more information
vl::PolygonModeRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glPolygonMode(), see also for more information
vl::PolygonOffsetRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glPolygonOffset(), see also for more information
vl::PolygonSimplifierReduces the amount of polygons present in a Geometry using a quadric error metric
vl::PolygonSimplifier::QErrThe quadric error metric as defined by PolygonSimplifier
vl::PolygonSimplifier::TriangleA Triangle as defined by PolygonSimplifier
vl::PolygonSimplifier::VertexA Vertex as defined by PolygonSimplifier
vl::PolygonStippleRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glPolygonStipple(), see also for more information
vl::PortalA planar convex polygon used to define the visibility from one Sector to another
vl::ProjViewTransfCallbackCallback class to update the state of the projection, view, transform and normal matrices of a GLSLProgram or fixed function pipeline
vl::Quaternion< T_Scalar >Implements a Quaternion usually used to represent rotations and orientations
vl::radianSimple class representing quantities in radians, converts automatically to vl::degree and real
vl::RandomCryptographic random number generator
vl::RayDefines a ray as an origin and direction using real precision
vl::RaycastVolumeA ActorEventCallback used to render a volume using GPU raycasting
vl::RayIntersectionThe RayIntersection encapsulates all the information relative to a Ray/Actor intersection
vl::RayIntersectionGeometryThe RayIntersectionGeometry encapsulates all the information relative to a Ray/Actor intersection, providing also extra information relative to the intersection on the Geometry in use by the Actor
vl::RayIntersectorUsed to detect the intersection points between a Ray and a set of Actor[s]
vl::ReadPixelsA RenderEventCallback that copyes a rectangular pixel area from a source buffer to an Image at the end of a rendering
vl::Rect< T >Implements the common functions of RectI and RectF
vl::RectF2D rectangular area using float precision
vl::RectI2D rectangular area using int precision
vl::ref< T >The ref<> class is used to reference-count an Object
vl::RenderableAn abstract class that represents all the objects that can be rendered
vl::RendererExecutes the actual rendering on the given RenderQueue
vl::RendererAbstractBase class providing all the basic funtionalities of a Renderer
vl::RenderEventCallbackAn abstract class used to react to rendering events
vl::RenderingCollects all the information to perform the rendering of a scene
vl::RenderingAbstractBase of all the rendering related sub-classes
vl::RenderingTreeOrganizes a set of renderings into an N-ary tree
vl::RenderQueueCollects a list of RenderToken objects to be sorted and rendered
vl::RenderQueueSorterAbstract base class of all the algorithms used to sort a set of RenderToken
vl::RenderQueueSorterAggressiveSorts the RenderTokens by Effect rank -> Actor rank -> blending on/off -> Z distance form the Camera -> GLSL program -> render state set -> enable set -> texture set -> light set -> Shader pointer -> Renderable pointer
vl::RenderQueueSorterBasicSorts the RenderTokens by their Effect rank -> Actor rank -> Shader pointer -> Renderable pointer
vl::RenderQueueSorterByRenderableSorts the RenderTokens by their Renderable pointer
vl::RenderQueueSorterByShaderSorts the RenderTokens by their Shader pointer
vl::RenderQueueSorterOcclusionImplements a RenderQueueSorter that maximizes the z-buffer test efficiency as much as possible
vl::RenderQueueSorterStandardImplements the default RenderQueueSorter
vl::RenderStateBase class for most of the OpenGL render state wrapper classes
vl::RenderStateIndexedBase class for those render states which have more than one binding points like lights, clipping planes and texture unit states
vl::RenderStateNonIndexedBase class for those render states which have only one binding point (the vast majority)
vl::RenderStateSetA set of RenderState objects managed by a Shader
vl::RenderTokenInternally used by the rendering engine
vl::ResourceDatabaseAnd manipulates a set of resources
vl::ResourceLoadWriterAbstract class used to implement read/write support for one or more resource types
vl::RingExtractorTraverses a molecule's graph and detects various types of cycles, mainly used for aromatic ring detection
vl::SampleCoverageRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glSampleCoverage(), see also for more information
vl::SayA simple String formatting class
vl::SayArgUsed internally by the Say class
vl::SceneManagerBase class for all the scene managers
vl::SceneManagerActorKdTreeA SceneManagerBVH that implements its spatial partitioning strategy using an ActorKdTree
vl::SceneManagerActorTreeA SceneManagerBVH that implements its spatial partitioning strategy using an ActorTree
vl::SceneManagerBVH< T >The SceneManagerBVH class implements the basic functionalities for bounding-volume-hierarchy based scene managers
vl::SceneManagerPortalsThe SceneManagerPortals calss implements a portal-based hidden surface removal algorithm to efficently render highly occluded scenes
vl::SceneManagerVectorGraphicsSceneManager that contains VectorGraphics objects
vl::ScissorWraps the OpenGL function glScissor(), see for more information
vl::ScopedMutexA class that locks the specified mutex when constructed and unlocks it when destructed
vl::SecondaryColorRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glSecondaryColor(), see also for more information
vl::SectorDefines an area containg a set if Actor[s] that is connected to other Sector[s] through its Portal[s]
vl::Sector::VisibilityCallbackA callback object called each time a Sector becomes visible through a Portal
vl::ShadeModelRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glShadeModel(), see also for more information
vl::ShaderManages most of the OpenGL rendering states responsible of the final aspect of the rendered objects
vl::ShaderAnimatorCallback object used to update/animate a Shader during the rendering
vl::ShaderNodeUsed to conveniently manage complex hierarchies of Shader[s]
vl::ShaderNode::EnableInfoShaderNode's representation of an enable
vl::ShaderNode::RenderStateInfoShaderNode's representation of a RenderState
vl::ShaderNode::UniformInfoShaderNode's representation of a Uniform
vl::ShaderPassesA sequence of Shader objects each of which represent a rendering pass
vl::SlicedVolumeA ActorEventCallback used to render a volume using viewport aligned slices
vl::SphereDefines a sphere using a center and a radius using vl::real precision
vl::StandardLogOutputs the log messages on the stdout device and optionally also on a specified file
vl::StencilFuncWraps the OpenGL functions glStencilFunc() and glStencilFuncSeparate(), see also and for more information
vl::StencilMaskRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glStencilMask() and glStencilMaskSeparate(), see also and for more information
vl::StencilOpRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glStencilOp() and glStencilOpSeparate(), see also and for more information
vl::StereoCameraUtility class to setup a pair of left/right cameras for stereo rendering
vl::STLLoaderLoads an STL file
vl::StringImplements an advanced UTF16 (Unicode BMP) string manipulation engine
vl::TerrainImplements a ActorKdTree-based terrain scene manager
vl::TessellatorTessellates a complex polygon defined by a set of outlines into a set of triangles that can be rendered by Visualization Library
vl::TexEnvRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glTexEnv(), see also for more information
vl::TexGenRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glTexGen(), see also for more information
vl::TexParameterWraps the OpenGL function glTexParameter(), see also for more information
vl::TextA Renderable that renders text with a given Font
vl::TextStreamCan be used to conveniently read or parse utf8-encoded text files
vl::TextureWraps an OpenGL texture object representing and managing all the supported texture types
vl::Texture::SetupParamsSetupParams wraps all the parameters needed to crate a Texture
vl::TextureMatrixUses a 4x4 matrix to transform the texture coordinates of a texture unit
vl::TextureSamplerAssociates a Texture object to an OpenGL texture unit
vl::TimeSimple class to be used as a timer and to retrieve the current time and date
vl::TrackballManipulatorThis class lets you rotate a Camera or a Transform node using a virtual trackball
vl::TransformImplements a 4x4 matrix transform used to define the position and orientation of an Actor
vl::TriangleIteratorIterator used to extract the indices of every single triangle of a DrawCall regardless of the primitive type
vl::TriangleIteratorAbstractFor internal use only
vl::TriangleIteratorDirectFor internal use only
vl::TriangleIteratorIndexed< TArray >For internal use only
vl::TriangleIteratorMulti< TArray >For internal use only
vl::TriangleStripGeneratorUsed to substitute lists of triangles or quads with triangle strips
vl::TypeInfoRepresents a class type
vl::UIEventListenerListens to the events emitted by an OpenGLContext
vl::UniformWraps an OpenGL Shading Language uniform to be associated to a GLSLProgram (see vl::GLSLProgram documentation)
vl::UniformInfoStructure containing all the info regarding an active Uniform, see also GLSLProgram::activeUniforms()
vl::UniformSetA set of Uniform objects managed by a Shader
vl::UUIDSimple implementation of a 16 bytes Universally Unique ID based on
vl::Vector2< T_Scalar >The Vector2 class is a template class that implements a generic 2 components vector, see also vl::fvec2, vl::dvec2, vl::uvec2, vl::ivec2, vl::svec2, vl::usvec2, vl::bvec2, vl::ubvec2
vl::Vector3< T_Scalar >The Vector3 class is a template class that implements a generic 3 components vector, see also vl::fvec3, vl::dvec3, vl::uvec3, vl::ivec3, vl::svec3, vl::usvec3, vl::bvec3, vl::ubvec3
vl::Vector4< T_Scalar >The Vector4 class is a template class that implements a generic 4 components vector, see also vl::fvec4, vl::dvec4, vl::uvec4, vl::ivec4, vl::svec4, vl::usvec4, vl::bvec4, vl::ubvec4
vl::VectorGraphicsUsed in conjuction with SceneManagerVectorGraphics to generate and render 2D vector graphics
vl::VertexAttribRenderState wrapping the OpenGL function glVertexAttrib(), see also for more information
vl::VertexAttribInfoImplements a generic OpenGL Shading Language vertex attribute to be used with a Geometry, see also
vl::VertexMapperGenerates a set of new vertices from the old one
vl::ViewportImplements the viewport and clearing settings associated to a Camera
vl::VirtualDirectoryAbstact class representing a directory of files
vl::VirtualFileAn abstract class representing a file
vl::VisualizationLibraryUsed to initialize/shutdown VisualizationLibrary and to access important global data
vl::VLTTokenA token of information as defined by VLT specification
vl::VLTTokenizerTokenizer used to parse VLT files
vl::VLXArrayBase class for all arrays of VLX values
vl::VLXArrayIntegerAn array of 64 bits integers, can also have a tag
vl::VLXArrayRealAn array of 64 bits floating point numbers, can also have a tag
vl::VLXArrayTemplate< T >A templated VLXArray
vl::VLXClassWrapperBase cass for all class wrappers implementing the translation to/from its VLX representation
vl::VLXClassWrapper_ActorVLX wrapper of vl::Actor
vl::VLXClassWrapper_ActorEventCallbackVLX wrapper of vl::DepthSortCallback
vl::VLXClassWrapper_ArrayVLX wrapper of vl::Array
vl::VLXClassWrapper_CameraVLX wrapper of vl::Camera
vl::VLXClassWrapper_ClipPlaneVLX wrapper of vl::ClipPlane
vl::VLXClassWrapper_ColorVLX wrapper of vl::Color
vl::VLXClassWrapper_DrawCallVLX wrapper of vl::DrawCall and subclasses
vl::VLXClassWrapper_EffectVLX wrapper of vl::Effect
vl::VLXClassWrapper_GeometryVLX wrapper of vl::Geometry
vl::VLXClassWrapper_GLSLProgramVLX wrapper of vl::GLSLProgram
vl::VLXClassWrapper_GLSLShaderVLX wrapper of vl::GLSLVertexShader, vl::GLSLFragmentShader, vl::GLSLGeometryShader, vl::GLSLTessControlShader, vl::GLSLTessEvaluationShader
vl::VLXClassWrapper_LightVLX wrapper of vl::Light
vl::VLXClassWrapper_LODEvaluatorVLX wrapper of vl::DistanceLODEvaluator and vl::PixelLODEvaluator
vl::VLXClassWrapper_MaterialVLX wrapper of vl::Material
vl::VLXClassWrapper_NormalVLX wrapper of vl::Normal
vl::VLXClassWrapper_PatchParameterVLX wrapper of vl::PatchParameter
vl::VLXClassWrapper_RenderableVLX wrapper of vl::Renderable
vl::VLXClassWrapper_ResourceDatabaseVLX wrapper of vl::ResourceDatabase
vl::VLXClassWrapper_SecondaryColorVLX wrapper of vl::SecondaryColor
vl::VLXClassWrapper_ShaderVLX wrapper of vl::Shader
vl::VLXClassWrapper_TexParameterVLX wrapper of vl::TexParameter
vl::VLXClassWrapper_TextureVLX wrapper of vl::Texture
vl::VLXClassWrapper_TextureSamplerVLX wrapper of vl::TextureSampler
vl::VLXClassWrapper_TransformVLX wrapper of vl::Transform
vl::VLXClassWrapper_UniformVLX wrapper of vl::Uniform
vl::VLXClassWrapper_VertexAttribVLX wrapper of vl::VertexAttrib
vl::VLXClassWrapper_VertexAttribInfoVLX wrapper of vl::VertexAttribInfo
vl::VLXClassWrapper_ViewportVLX wrapper of vl::Viewport
vl::VLXLinkerLinks several VLX hierachies also resolving IDs across them
vl::VLXListA simple sequence of VLXValue objects, can also have a tag
vl::VLXParserBase class for VLX parsers
vl::VLXParserVLBParses a VLT file translating it into a VLX hierarchy
vl::VLXParserVLTParses a VLT file translating it into a VLX hierarchy
vl::VLXRawtextBlockA block of raw text
vl::VLXRegistryRegistry of vl::VLXClassWrapper objects, used by vl::VLXSerializer, see also vl::defVLXRegistry()
vl::VLXSerializerTranslates an arbitrary set of vl::Object (and subclasses) into VLB and VLT format
vl::VLXStructureA list of key/VLXValue pairs, can also have a tag
vl::VLXStructure::ValueKey/value pair used by VLXStructure
vl::VLXTaggedValueBase class for VLX values with a tag
vl::VLXValueWrapper for all VLX value types
vl::VLXVisitorBase class for all visitors visiting a VLX hierarchy
vl::VLXVisitorCountIDsCounts the number of occurrencies of each ID
vl::VLXVisitorExportToVLBTranslates a VLX hierarchy into VLB format writing to the provided VirtualFile
vl::VLXVisitorExportToVLTTranslates a VLX hierarchy into VLT notation
vl::VLXVisitorLinkerSubstitutes IDs into VLXStructures using the provided link map
vl::VLXVisitorLinkMapperCompiles the link-map which associates a VLXStructure to it's ID, to be used later by other visitors
vl::VolumeDefines the volume data to be used with a MarchingCube object
vl::VolumeInfoDefines the volume parameters to be used with a MarchingCube and Volume object
vl::VolumePlotGenerates a 3D plot with labels and isosurface. The isosurface is generated using the MarchingCubes algorithm
vl::VolumePlot::FunctionA function to be used with VolumePlot
vl::WriteCallbackDefines an operation to be exectued to a ResourceDatabase just before it is written, see also LoadWriterManager, LoadCallback
vl::ZippedDirectoryA VirtualDirectory capable of reading files from a .zip file
vl::ZippedFileA VirtualFile used to read a file contained in a .zip archive
vl::ZippedFileInfoCollects the information about a ZippedFile
vlEGL::EGLWindowEGLContext that can be used as a top or child window
vlGLUT::GLUTWindowImplements an OpenGLContext using the GLUT API
vlMFC::MDIWindowMFC CView with the functionalities of a Win32Context (experimental)
vlMFC::MFCWindowMFC CWnd with the functionalities of a Win32Context
vlQt4::Qt4WidgetImplements an OpenGLContext using the Qt4 API
vlSDL::SDLWindowImplements an OpenGLContext using the SDL API
vlWin32::Win32ContextImplements an OpenGLContext using the Win32 API
vlWin32::Win32WindowWin32Context that can be used as a top or child window
vlWX::WXGLCanvasImplements a vl::OpenGLContext using the wxWidgets library

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