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A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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Public Member Functions

vl::RenderState Class Reference

Base class for most of the OpenGL render state wrapper classes. More...

#include <RenderState.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for vl::RenderState:
vl::Object vl::RenderStateIndexed vl::RenderStateNonIndexed vl::ClipPlane vl::Light vl::TexEnv vl::TexGen vl::TextureMatrix vl::TextureSampler vl::VertexAttrib vl::AlphaFunc vl::BlendColor vl::BlendEquation vl::BlendFunc vl::Color vl::ColorMask vl::CullFace vl::DepthFunc vl::DepthMask vl::DepthRange vl::Fog vl::FrontFace vl::GLSLProgram vl::Hint vl::LightModel vl::LineStipple vl::LineWidth vl::LogicOp vl::Material vl::Normal vl::PixelTransfer vl::PointParameter vl::PointSize vl::PolygonMode vl::PolygonOffset vl::PolygonStipple vl::SampleCoverage vl::SecondaryColor vl::ShadeModel vl::StencilFunc vl::StencilMask vl::StencilOp

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Public Member Functions

 RenderState ()
virtual ERenderState type () const
virtual void apply (int index, const Camera *camera, OpenGLContext *ctx) const =0
 The parameter cameara is NULL if we are disabling the state, non-NULL if we are enabling it.
virtual ref< RenderStateclone () const =0

Detailed Description

Base class for most of the OpenGL render state wrapper classes.

See also:
Shader, Effect, Actor

Definition at line 50 of file RenderState.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vl::RenderState::RenderState (  ) [inline]

Definition at line 55 of file RenderState.hpp.


Member Function Documentation

virtual ERenderState vl::RenderState::type (  ) const [inline, virtual]
virtual void vl::RenderState::apply ( int  index,
const Camera camera,
OpenGLContext ctx 
) const [pure virtual]
virtual ref<RenderState> vl::RenderState::clone (  ) const [pure virtual]

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