Visualization Library 2.0.0

A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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BinaryDefs.hpp File Reference

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enum  vlX::EVLBChunkType {
  vlX::VLB_ChunkStructure = 1, vlX::VLB_ChunkList, vlX::VLB_ChunkArrayRealDouble, vlX::VLB_ChunkArrayRealFloat,
  vlX::VLB_ChunkArrayInteger, vlX::VLB_ChunkRawtext, vlX::VLB_ChunkString, vlX::VLB_ChunkIdentifier,
  vlX::VLB_ChunkID, vlX::VLB_ChunkRealDouble, vlX::VLB_ChunkInteger, vlX::VLB_ChunkBool


bool vlX::compress (const void *data, size_t size, std::vector< unsigned char > &out, int level)
bool vlX::decompress (const void *cdata, size_t csize, void *data_out)