Visualization Library v1.0.3

A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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/home/master/UCL/VisualizationLibrary/src/vlGraphics/OpenGL.cpp File Reference

#include <vlGraphics/OpenGL.hpp>
#include <vlCore/String.hpp>
#include <vlCore/Log.hpp>
#include <vlCore/Say.hpp>
#include <algorithm>
#include <vlGraphics/GL/GLExtensionList.hpp>
#include <vlGraphics/GL/GLESExtensionList.hpp>

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namespace  vl

Visualization Library namespace.


#define VL_EXTENSION(extension)   bool Has_##extension = false;
#define VL_GLES_EXTENSION(extension)   bool Has_##extension = false;
#define CONTEXT_CORE_PROFILE_BIT   0x00000001
#define CONTEXT_PROFILE_MASK   0x9126
#define VL_EXTENSION(extension)   Has_##extension = strstr(extensions.c_str(), #extension" ") != NULL;
#define VL_GLES_EXTENSION(extension)   Has_##extension = strstr(extensions.c_str(), #extension" ") != NULL;
#define PRINT_INFO(STRING)   printf(#STRING" = %d\n", STRING?1:0)


 vl::VL_COMPILE_TIME_CHECK (EN_EnableCount==sizeof(Is_Enable_Supported)/sizeof(Is_Enable_Supported[0]))


bool vl::Is_OpenGL_Initialized = false
 Set to true if the last call to vl::initializeOpenGL() was succesful.
bool vl::Is_OpenGL_Core_Profile = false
 OpenGL: true if the current context has been created with the WGL_CONTEXT_CORE_PROFILE_BIT_ARB or equivalent.
bool vl::Is_OpenGL_Forward_Compatible = false
 OpenGL: true if the current context has been created with the WGL_CONTEXT_FORWARD_COMPATIBLE_BIT_ARB or equivalent.
bool vl::Has_GL_Version_1_1 = false
bool vl::Has_GL_Version_1_2 = false
bool vl::Has_GL_Version_1_3 = false
bool vl::Has_GL_Version_1_4 = false
bool vl::Has_GL_Version_1_5 = false
bool vl::Has_GL_Version_2_0 = false
bool vl::Has_GL_Version_2_1 = false
bool vl::Has_GL_Version_3_0 = false
bool vl::Has_GL_Version_3_1 = false
bool vl::Has_GL_Version_3_2 = false
bool vl::Has_GL_Version_3_3 = false
bool vl::Has_GL_Version_4_0 = false
bool vl::Has_GL_Version_4_1 = false
bool vl::Has_Fixed_Function_Pipeline = false
 OpenGL: true if !Is_OpenGL_Forward_Compatible && !Is_OpenGL_Core_Profile OpenGL ES 1: always true OpenGL ES 2: always false.
bool vl::Has_GLES_Version_1_1 = false
bool vl::Has_GLES_Version_2_0 = false
bool vl::Has_GLES = false
bool vl::Has_GLSL = false
bool vl::Has_GLSL_120_Or_More = false
bool vl::Has_GLSL_130_Or_More = false
bool vl::Has_GLSL_140_Or_More = false
bool vl::Has_GLSL_150_Or_More = false
bool vl::Has_GLSL_330_Or_More = false
bool vl::Has_GLSL_400_Or_More = false
bool vl::Has_GLSL_410_Or_More = false
bool vl::Has_Geometry_Shader = false
bool vl::Has_BufferObject = false
bool vl::Has_FBO = false
bool vl::Has_PBO = false
bool vl::Has_FBO_Multisample = false
bool vl::Has_Cubemap_Textures = false
bool vl::Has_Texture_Rectangle = false
bool vl::Has_Texture_Array = false
bool vl::Has_Texture_Buffer = false
bool vl::Has_Texture_Multisample = false
bool vl::Has_Texture_3D = false
bool vl::Has_Multitexture = false
bool vl::Has_Primitive_Restart = false
bool vl::Has_Occlusion_Query = false
bool vl::Has_Transform_Feedback = false
bool vl::Has_glGenerateMipmaps = false
bool vl::Has_GL_GENERATE_MIPMAP = false
bool vl::Has_Point_Sprite = false
bool vl::Has_Base_Vertex = false
bool vl::Has_Primitive_Instancing = false
const GLenum vl::Translate_Enable []
const char * vl::Translate_Enable_String []
bool vl::Is_Enable_Supported [EN_EnableCount]

Define Documentation

#define VL_EXTENSION (   extension )    bool Has_##extension = false;

Definition at line 102 of file OpenGL.cpp.

#define VL_GLES_EXTENSION (   extension )    bool Has_##extension = false;

Definition at line 106 of file OpenGL.cpp.

#define CONTEXT_CORE_PROFILE_BIT   0x00000001

Referenced by vl::initializeOpenGL().

#define CONTEXT_PROFILE_MASK   0x9126

Referenced by vl::initializeOpenGL().

#define VL_EXTENSION (   extension )    Has_##extension = strstr(extensions.c_str(), #extension" ") != NULL;

Definition at line 102 of file OpenGL.cpp.

#define VL_GLES_EXTENSION (   extension )    Has_##extension = strstr(extensions.c_str(), #extension" ") != NULL;

Definition at line 106 of file OpenGL.cpp.

#define PRINT_INFO (   STRING )    printf(#STRING" = %d\n", STRING?1:0)

Referenced by vl::initializeOpenGL().

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