Visualization Library 2.0.0

A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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vl::Collection< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for vl::Collection< T >, including all inherited members.

as() constvl::Objectinline
at(int i) constvl::Collection< T >inline
at(int i)vl::Collection< T >inline
automaticDelete() constvl::Objectinline
back() constvl::Collection< T >inline
back()vl::Collection< T >inline
capacity() constvl::Collection< T >inline
clear()vl::Collection< T >inline
Collection(const std::vector< ref< T > > &vector)vl::Collection< T >inline
Collection()vl::Collection< T >inline
empty() constvl::Collection< T >inline
erase(int start, int count)vl::Collection< T >inline
erase(const T *data)vl::Collection< T >inline
eraseAt(int index)vl::Collection< T >inline
find(T *obj) constvl::Collection< T >inline
incReference() constvl::Objectinline
insert(int start, const Collection< T > &objs)vl::Collection< T >inline
insert(int index, T *obj)vl::Collection< T >inline
less(const ref< T > &a, const ref< T > &b)vl::Collection< T >inlineprotectedstatic
mVectorvl::Collection< T >protected
Object(const Object &other)vl::Objectinline
objectName() constvl::Objectinline
operator std::vector< ref< T > >() constvl::Collection< T >inline
operator=(const std::vector< ref< T > > &vector)vl::Collection< T >inline
vl::Object::operator=(const Object &other)vl::Objectinline
operator[](int i) constvl::Collection< T >inline
operator[](int i)vl::Collection< T >inline
pop_back()vl::Collection< T >inline
push_back(T *data)vl::Collection< T >inline
push_back(const Collection< T > &objs)vl::Collection< T >inline
refCountMutex() constvl::Objectinline
referenceCount() constvl::Objectinline
reserve(int capacity)vl::Collection< T >inline
resize(int size)vl::Collection< T >inline
set(const Collection< T > &objs)vl::Collection< T >inline
set(int index, T *obj)vl::Collection< T >inline
setAutomaticDelete(bool autodel_on)vl::Objectinline
setObjectName(const char *name)vl::Objectinline
setObjectName(const std::string &name)vl::Objectinline
setRefCountMutex(IMutex *mutex)vl::Objectinline
shrink()vl::Collection< T >inline
size() constvl::Collection< T >inline
sort()vl::Collection< T >inline
swap(Collection &other)vl::Collection< T >inline
vector() constvl::Collection< T >inline
vector()vl::Collection< T >inline