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A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar > Member List

This is the complete list of members for vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >, including all inherited members.

diff(const Matrix3 &other) constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
e(int i, int j) constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
e(int i, int j)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
fill(T_Scalar val)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
get2x2() constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
getIdentity()vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inlinestatic
getIdentity(Matrix3 &out)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inlinestatic
getInverse(Matrix3 &dest) constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >
getInverse(T_Scalar *determinant=NULL) constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
getNull(Matrix3 &out)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inlinestatic
getNull()vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inlinestatic
getRotation(T_Scalar degrees)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >static
getScaling(Matrix3 &out, const Vector2< T_Scalar > &v)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inlinestatic
getScaling(const Vector2< T_Scalar > &v)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inlinestatic
getScaling(T_Scalar x, T_Scalar y)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inlinestatic
getScaling(Matrix3 &out, T_Scalar x, T_Scalar y)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inlinestatic
getT() constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
getTranslation(Matrix3 &out, const Vector2< T_Scalar > &v)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inlinestatic
getTranslation(const Vector2< T_Scalar > &v)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inlinestatic
getTranslation(T_Scalar x, T_Scalar y)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inlinestatic
getTranslation(Matrix3 &out, T_Scalar x, T_Scalar y)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inlinestatic
getTransposed() constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
getTransposed(Matrix3 &dest) constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
getX() constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
getY() constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
invert(T_Scalar *determinant=NULL)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
isIdentity() constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
isNull() constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
Matrix3(const Matrix3< T > &m)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inlineexplicit
Matrix3()vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
Matrix3(T_Scalar n)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inlineexplicit
Matrix3(T_Scalar e00, T_Scalar e01, T_Scalar e02, T_Scalar e10, T_Scalar e11, T_Scalar e12, T_Scalar e20, T_Scalar e21, T_Scalar e22)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inlineexplicit
multiply(Matrix3 &out, const Matrix3 &p, const Matrix3 &q)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inlinestatic
mVecvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >protected
operator!=(const Matrix3 &m) constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
operator*(T_Scalar d) constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
operator*=(const Matrix3 &m)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
operator*=(T_Scalar d)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
operator+(const Matrix3 &m) constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
operator+(T_Scalar d) constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
operator+=(const Matrix3 &m)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
operator+=(T_Scalar d)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
operator-(const Matrix3 &m) constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
operator-() constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
operator-(T_Scalar d) constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
operator-=(const Matrix3 &m)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
operator-=(T_Scalar d)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
operator/(T_Scalar d) constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
operator/=(T_Scalar d)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
operator=(const Matrix3 &m)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
operator==(const Matrix3 &m) constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
postMultiply(const Matrix3 &m)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
preMultiply(const Matrix3 &m)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
ptr()vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
ptr() constvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
rotate(T_Scalar degrees)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
scalar_type typedefvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >
scale(T_Scalar x, T_Scalar y)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
scale(const Vector2< T_Scalar > &v)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
set2x2(const Matrix2< T_Scalar > &m)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
setIdentity()vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
setNull()vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
setT(const Vector2< T_Scalar > &v)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
setX(const Vector2< T_Scalar > &v)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
setY(const Vector2< T_Scalar > &v)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
translate(T_Scalar x, T_Scalar y)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
translate(const Vector2< T_Scalar > &v)vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline
transpose()vl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >inline