Visualization Library v1.0.3

A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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/home/master/UCL/VisualizationLibrary/src/vlGraphics/Shader.cpp File Reference

#include <vlGraphics/Shader.hpp>
#include <vlGraphics/GLSL.hpp>
#include <vlGraphics/Light.hpp>
#include <vlGraphics/ClipPlane.hpp>
#include <vlGraphics/OpenGLContext.hpp>
#include <vlCore/Log.hpp>
#include <vlCore/Say.hpp>

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#define GET_OR_CREATE_IDX(RS, index)

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#define GET_OR_CREATE (   RS )
#define GET_OR_CREATE_IDX (   RS,
RS* rs = static_cast<RS*>( gocRenderStateSet()->renderState( RS_##RS, index ) ); \
  if ( rs == NULL ) \
  { \
    rs = new RS; \
    gocRenderStateSet()->setRenderState( rs, index ); \
  } \
  return rs;

Definition at line 80 of file Shader.cpp.

Referenced by vl::Shader::gocClipPlane(), vl::Shader::gocLight(), vl::Shader::gocTexEnv(), vl::Shader::gocTexGen(), vl::Shader::gocTextureMatrix(), vl::Shader::gocTextureSampler(), and vl::Shader::gocVertexAttrib().

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