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A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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Log.hpp File Reference
#include <vlCore/String.hpp>
#include <vlCore/IMutex.hpp>
#include <fstream>

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class  vl::Log
 Utility class to generate logs. More...
class  vl::StandardLog
 The StandardLog class outputs the log messages on the stdout device and optionally also on a specified file. More...


 Visualization Library main namespace.


#define VL_LOG   (*::vl::defLogger())
#define VL_LOG_NOTIFY   (VL_LOG << ::vl::LL_LogNotify)
#define VL_LOG_PRINT   (VL_LOG << ::vl::LL_LogPrint)
#define VL_LOG_BUG   (VL_LOG << ::vl::LL_LogBug)
#define VL_LOG_ERROR   (VL_LOG << ::vl::LL_LogError)
#define VL_LOG_WARNING   (VL_LOG << ::vl::LL_LogWarning)
#define VL_LOG_DEBUG   (VL_LOG << ::vl::LL_LogDebug)


VLCORE_EXPORT void vl::setDefLogger (Log *logger)
 Installs the default logger used by Visualization Library. Setting this to NULL will disable logging. More...
VLCORE_EXPORT Logvl::defLogger ()
 Returns the currently installed default logger. More...

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#define VL_LOG   (*::vl::defLogger())

Definition at line 216 of file Log.hpp.


#define VL_LOG_BUG   (VL_LOG << ::vl::LL_LogBug)

Definition at line 219 of file Log.hpp.


#define VL_LOG_DEBUG   (VL_LOG << ::vl::LL_LogDebug)


#define VL_LOG_ERROR   (VL_LOG << ::vl::LL_LogError)

Definition at line 220 of file Log.hpp.

Referenced by vl::log_failed_check().


#define VL_LOG_NOTIFY   (VL_LOG << ::vl::LL_LogNotify)

Definition at line 217 of file Log.hpp.


#define VL_LOG_PRINT   (VL_LOG << ::vl::LL_LogPrint)

Definition at line 218 of file Log.hpp.


#define VL_LOG_WARNING   (VL_LOG << ::vl::LL_LogWarning)

Definition at line 221 of file Log.hpp.