Visualization Library 2.1.0

A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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vl::AABB Member List

This is the complete list of members for vl::AABB, including all inherited members.

AABB(const vec3 &center, real radius)vl::AABB
AABB(const vec3 &pt1, const vec3 &pt2, real displace=0)vl::AABB
addPoint(const vec3 &p, real radius)vl::AABB
addPoint(const vec3 &p)vl::AABBinline
center() constvl::AABB
clip(const vec3 &p, bool clipx=true, bool clipy=true, bool clipz=true) constvl::AABB
depth() constvl::AABB
enlarge(real displace)vl::AABB
height() constvl::AABB
intersects(const AABB &bb) constvl::AABB
isInside(const vec3 &p, bool clipx, bool clipy, bool clipz) constvl::AABB
isInside(const vec3 &p) constvl::AABB
isNull() constvl::AABBinline
isPoint() constvl::AABBinline
longestSideLength() constvl::AABBinline
maxCorner() constvl::AABBinline
minCorner() constvl::AABBinline
operator!=(const AABB &aabb) constvl::AABBinline
operator+(const AABB &aabb) constvl::AABB
operator+(const vec3 &p)vl::AABBinline
operator+=(const AABB &other)vl::AABBinline
operator+=(const vec3 &p)vl::AABBinline
operator==(const AABB &aabb) constvl::AABBinline
setMaxCorner(real x, real y, real z)vl::AABBinline
setMaxCorner(const vec3 &v)vl::AABBinline
setMinCorner(real x, real y, real z)vl::AABBinline
setMinCorner(const vec3 &v)vl::AABBinline
transformed(AABB &out, const mat4 &mat) constvl::AABBinline
transformed(const mat4 &mat) constvl::AABBinline
volume() constvl::AABBinline
width() constvl::AABB