Visualization Library 2.1.0

A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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Quick Start Guides

This section contains a set of practical tutorials and examples that will guide you through the most important concepts and techniques regarding Visualization Library and computer graphics. The topics range from basic application setup, to memory management, texturing, OpenGL Shading Language, terrain rendering and much more. Enjoy!

Implementing a Simple Spinning Cube (code and comments)
Smart Pointers and Memory Management
Multi-Threading with VL
OpenGL Texture Mapping
Rendering Order
OpenGL Shading Language Tutorial (code and comments)
Geometry Primitives (code and comments)
Framebuffer Objects Tutorial (code and comments)
Picking and Selection Tutorial (code and comments)
Stereo Rendering With Anaglyphs (code and comments)
GPU Raycast Volume Rendering with Transfer Functions and Lighting (code and comments)
Sliced Volume Rendering with Transfer Functions and Lighting (code and comments)
Volume Rendering and Isosurfaces Extraction with Marching Cubes (code and comments)
Directional, Point and Spot Lights (code and comments)
Terrains and Heightmaps (code and comments)
OpenGL-Accelerated 2D Vector Graphics (code and comments)
Clipping Planes Tutorial (code and comments)
Polygon Tessellation Tutorial (code and comments)
Geometry Extrusion (code and comments)
Interpolators Tutorial (code and comments)
Molecule Visualization (code and comments)
Edge Enhancement and Wireframe Rendering (code and comments)
Portal-Based Culling and Scene Management (code and comments)
OpenGL-Accelerated Occlusion Culling (code and comments)
Bicubic B├ęzier Patches and Surfaces (code and comments)
Transparency and Polygon Depth Sorting (code and comments)
Antialiasing and Multisampling
Billboards Tutorial
Shader Multipassing, LOD and Animation Tutorial
Geometry LOD and Animation