Visualization Library 2.1.0

A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cvl::Matrix4< double >
 Cvl::Matrix4< float >
 Cvl::Rect< float >
 Cvl::Rect< int >
 Cvl::ref< Actor >
 Cvl::ref< ActorKdTree >
 Cvl::ref< ActorTree >
 Cvl::ref< arr_type >
 Cvl::ref< ArrayUByte1 >
 Cvl::ref< ArrayUInt1 >
 Cvl::ref< ArrayUShort1 >
 Cvl::ref< Light >
 Cvl::ref< Shader >
 Cvl::ref< StringData >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Actor >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ActorCollection >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ActorEventCallback >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ActorKdTree >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ActorTree >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ActorTreeAbstract >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ArrayAbstract >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ArrayFloat3 >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ArrayFloat4 >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ArrayUByte4 >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Atom >
 Cvl::ref< vl::BezierPatch >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Bond >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Buffer >
 Cvl::ref< vl::BufferObject >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Camera >
 Cvl::ref< vl::CatmullRomInterpolator >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Collection< vl::RenderEventCallback > >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Collection< vl::RenderingAbstract > >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Collection< vl::SceneManager > >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Dae::Effect >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Dae::Input >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Dae::Material >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Dae::Mesh >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Dae::NewParam >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Dae::Node >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Dae::Primitive >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Dae::Sampler2D >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Dae::Source >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Dae::Surface >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Dae::TechniqueCOMMON >
 Cvl::ref< vl::DrawCall >
 Cvl::ref< vl::DrawElementsUShort >
 Cvl::ref< vl::DrawPixels::Pixels >
 Cvl::ref< vl::EdgeUpdateCallback >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Effect >
 Cvl::ref< vl::EnableSet >
 Cvl::ref< vl::FBOAbstractAttachment >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Font >
 Cvl::ref< vl::FramebufferObject >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Geometry >
 Cvl::ref< vl::GhostCameraManipulator >
 Cvl::ref< vl::GLSLProgram >
 Cvl::ref< vl::GLSLShader >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Glyph >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Image >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ImagePBO >
 Cvl::ref< vl::IndexIteratorAbstract >
 Cvl::ref< vl::KeyValues >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Light >
 Cvl::ref< vl::LinearInterpolator >
 Cvl::ref< vl::LoadCallback >
 Cvl::ref< vl::LoadWriterDae::LoadOptions >
 Cvl::ref< vl::LODEvaluator >
 Cvl::ref< vl::MemoryFile >
 Cvl::ref< vl::NaryQuickMap< EEnable, EEnable, EN_EnableCount > >
 Cvl::ref< vl::NaryQuickMap< ERenderState, vl::RenderStateSlot, RS_RenderStateCount > >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Object >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ObjMaterial >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ObjMesh >
 Cvl::ref< vl::PatchParameter >
 Cvl::ref< vl::PlyLoader::PlyElement >
 Cvl::ref< vl::PlyLoader::PlyPropertyAbstract >
 Cvl::ref< vl::PlyLoader::PlyScalar >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Portal >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ProjViewTransfCallback >
 Cvl::ref< vl::RayIntersection >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ReadPixels >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Renderable >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Renderer >
 Cvl::ref< vl::RenderEventCallback >
 Cvl::ref< vl::RenderingAbstract >
 Cvl::ref< vl::RenderQueue >
 Cvl::ref< vl::RenderQueueSorter >
 Cvl::ref< vl::RenderState >
 Cvl::ref< vl::RenderStateSet >
 Cvl::ref< vl::RenderToken >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ResourceDatabase >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ResourceLoadWriter >
 Cvl::ref< vl::SceneManager >
 Cvl::ref< vl::SceneManagerActorTree >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Scissor >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Sector >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Sector::VisibilityCallback >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Shader >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ShaderAnimator >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ShaderNode >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ShaderPasses >
 Cvl::ref< vl::TexParameter >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Text >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Texture >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Texture::SetupParams >
 Cvl::ref< vl::TrackballManipulator >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Transform >
 Cvl::ref< vl::TriangleIteratorAbstract >
 Cvl::ref< vl::UIEventListener >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Uniform >
 Cvl::ref< vl::UniformSet >
 Cvl::ref< vl::VectorGraphics >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Viewport >
 Cvl::ref< vl::VirtualDirectory >
 Cvl::ref< vl::VirtualFile >
 Cvl::ref< vl::Volume >
 Cvl::ref< vl::VolumeInfo >
 Cvl::ref< vl::WriteCallback >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ZippedFile >
 Cvl::ref< vl::ZippedFileInfo >
 Cvl::ref< vlX::ClassWrapper >
 Cvl::ref< vlX::Registry >
 Cvl::ref< vlX::VLTTokenizer >
 Cvl::ref< vlX::VLXStructure >
 Cvl::ref< vlX::VLXTaggedValue >
 Cvl::ref< WFInfo >
 Cstd::vector< T >STL class
 Cvl::Vector2< float >
 Cvl::Vector2< int >
 Cvl::Vector3< float >
 Cvl::Vector3< int >
 Cvl::Vector4< double >
 Cvl::Vector4< float >
 Cvl::Vector4< int >
 Cvl::Vector4< unsigned int >
 Cvl::A3DSLoaderLoads an Autodesk 3DS file and generates a vector of A3DSObject and A3DSMaterial objects
 Cvl::A3DSMaterialMaterial in a 3DS file
 Cvl::A3DSMaterialFaceMappingMaterial/face mapping in a 3DS file
 Cvl::A3DSObjectObject in a 3DS file
 Cvl::A3DSTextureTexture in a 3DS file
 Cvl::A3DSTriFaceTriangle in a 3DS file
 Cvl::A3DSVertexVertex in a 3DS file
 Cvl::AABBImplements an axis-aligned bounding box using vl::real precision
 Cvl::AtomInfoEncapsulates information regarding an atom type
 Cvl::CRC32CheckSumComputes the a CRC32 checksum of a given buffer or VirtualFile
 Cvl::Dae::VertCOLLADA vertex
 Cvl::DaeLoaderCOLLADA loader
 Cvl::degreeSimple class representing quantities in degrees, converts automatically to vl::radian and real
 Cvl::EdgeExtractor::EdgeA single edge as extracted from the EdgeExtractor class
 Cvl::Flags< T_FlagEnum >Simple class to manage flags in a type safe manner
 Cvl::halfRepresents an half-precision floating point value
 Cvl::IMutexAn interface to implement simple platform-independent mutexes used to protect critical sections
 Cvl::IVertexAttribSetAbstract interface to manipulate OpenGL's vertex attribute arrays
 Cvl::MarchingCubesAn efficient implementation of the Marching Cubes algorithm
 Cvl::Matrix2< T_Scalar >The Matrix2 class is a template class that implements a generic 2x2 matrix, see also vl::dmat2, vl::fmat2, vl::umat2, vl::imat2
 Cvl::Matrix3< T_Scalar >The Matrix3 class is a template class that implements a generic 3x3 matrix, see also vl::dmat3, vl::fmat3, vl::umat3, vl::imat3
 Cvl::Matrix4< T_Scalar >The Matrix4 class is a template class that implements a generic 4x4 matrix, see also vl::dmat4, vl::fmat4, vl::umat4, vl::imat4
 Cvl::MD5CheckSumComputes the MD5 of a given buffer or VirtualFile
 Cvl::ObjectThe base class for all the reference counted objects
 Cvl::ObjLoaderLoads a Wavefront OBJ file
 Cvl::ObjTextureRepresents a Wavefront OBJ texture. See also ObjMaterial and ObjLoader
 Cvl::OpenGLContextFormatEncapsulates the settings of an OpenGL rendering context
 Cvl::PlyLoaderLoads a PLY file
 Cvl::PolygonSimplifier::QErrThe quadric error metric as defined by PolygonSimplifier
 Cvl::PolygonSimplifier::TriangleA Triangle as defined by PolygonSimplifier
 Cvl::PolygonSimplifier::VertexA Vertex as defined by PolygonSimplifier
 Cvl::Quaternion< T_Scalar >Implements a Quaternion usually used to represent rotations and orientations
 Cvl::radianSimple class representing quantities in radians, converts automatically to vl::degree and real
 Cvl::RayDefines a ray as an origin and direction using real precision
 Cvl::Rect< T >Implements the common functions of RectI and RectF
 Cvl::ref< T >The ref<> class is used to reference-count an Object
 Cvl::RingExtractorTraverses a molecule's graph and detects various types of cycles, mainly used for aromatic ring detection
 Cvl::SayArgUsed internally by the Say class
 Cvl::ScopedMutexA class that locks the specified mutex when constructed and unlocks it when destructed
 Cvl::ShaderNode::EnableInfoShaderNode's representation of an enable
 Cvl::ShaderNode::RenderStateInfoShaderNode's representation of a RenderState
 Cvl::ShaderNode::UniformInfoShaderNode's representation of a Uniform
 Cvl::SphereDefines a sphere using a center and a radius using vl::real precision
 Cvl::STLLoaderLoads an STL file
 Cvl::StringImplements an advanced UTF16 (Unicode BMP) string manipulation engine
 Cvl::TriangleIteratorIterator used to extract the indices of every single triangle of a DrawCall regardless of the primitive type
 Cvl::TriangleStripGeneratorUsed to substitute lists of triangles or quads with triangle strips
 Cvl::TypeInfoRepresents a class type
 Cvl::UUIDSimple implementation of a 16 bytes Universally Unique ID based on
 Cvl::Vector2< T_Scalar >The Vector2 class is a template class that implements a generic 2 components vector, see also vl::fvec2, vl::dvec2, vl::uvec2, vl::ivec2, vl::svec2, vl::usvec2, vl::bvec2, vl::ubvec2
 Cvl::Vector3< T_Scalar >The Vector3 class is a template class that implements a generic 3 components vector, see also vl::fvec3, vl::dvec3, vl::uvec3, vl::ivec3, vl::svec3, vl::usvec3, vl::bvec3, vl::ubvec3
 Cvl::Vector4< T_Scalar >The Vector4 class is a template class that implements a generic 4 components vector, see also vl::fvec4, vl::dvec4, vl::uvec4, vl::ivec4, vl::svec4, vl::usvec4, vl::bvec4, vl::ubvec4
 Cvl::VisualizationLibraryUsed to initialize/shutdown VisualizationLibrary and to access important global data
 Cvl::VolumePlot::FunctionA function to be used with VolumePlot
 CvlX::LinkerLinks several VLX hierachies also resolving IDs across them
 CvlX::VLTTokenA token of information as defined by VLT specification
 CvlX::VLXStructure::KeyValueKey/value pair used by VLXStructure
 CvlX::VLXValueWrapper for all VLX value types