Visualization Library 2.1.0

A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics

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VL Knowledge Base
General Info
Compiling And Installing VL

See the page Compiling and Installing Visualization Library

Running The Demos And Sample Code

Once you have succesfully compiled and installed VL, if you compiled any of the examples you will find them in "<VL_INSTALL_DIR>/bin". For example under windows by default the following executables are created:

Note that by default VL applications look for their data in the "../data" subdirectory. If you run the demos make sure you also installed the data by selecting the VL_INSTALL_DATA option from CMake. You can also specify a custom directory using the VL_DATA_PATH environment variable, which is the preferred way usually.

The code for all the examples is located in the "<VL_SDK_DIR>/src/examples" directory. There you will find examples showing how to use VL under all the supported GUI libraries. In the "Applets" subdirectory you will find the source code for all the demo-tests. That is the best source of information to discover how VL is used.

Environment Variables

Note that such environment variable merely modify the vl::GlobalSettings default values. You can access and modify them at runtime using the vl::globalSettings() method.

Configuring Visualization Library (config.hpp)

Before compiling VL you have a chance to tune it for your particular purposes by modifing some defines located in the config.hpp file (see the file content for all the details).

Notable macros:

Requesting Help And Reporting Issues

The best way to ask for help and reporting issues is first via the Google Group and then the issue tracker on GitHub.


- Make sure you checked the log.txt file when you have a problem with VL, most of the time the solution to your problem is written right in there or can be easily deducted.
- When posting on the group always include the exact error reported in the log.txt file (or even better attach the whole file), your operating system, and VL version at least!
Learning VL

To move on with VL see the page Learning Visualization Library